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The main aim of education at the Lower Secondary School is to make our pupils ready for further stages of education and independent life, to shape attitudes of tolerance, to arouse the need of civic participation and to bring them up in a spirit of Christian values and multiculturalism – all of this in a truly friendly atmosphere.

Our school provides qualified teaching staff, full-time psychological, teaching and speech-therapy assistance as well as curriculums tailored to needs of individual pupils. Young people learn in small groups, they learn two foreign languages – English and German. They can benefit from a well-stocked library (about 20 thousand volumes), modern computer lab, school canteen, well-equipped rooms for motor rehabilitation as well as support in learning after mandatory classes provided by teachers and volunteers (from Germany and other countries). Apart from regular classes, our pupils can attend free extracurricular classes (in sports, arts and education).

Our pupils also take part in international educational exchange with schools from Germany. Their integration involves also numerous trips, school events and additional classes which depart from the standard classroom teaching.
Our pupils can also develop their talents, they achieve success in sports and educational competitions on interschool, provincial, national and international levels.
Our school is an active member of the Wrocław Network of Health-Friendly Schools and is the holder of Safety-Oriented School Certificate. Our school complex is located in a beautiful park and meets the needs of the disabled (lifts and ramps).


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14 August 2016
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